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Preparing Sheep for Shows and Sales

The preparation of sheep before shows or sales is of vital importance, in order for the sheep to be seen at its best. 

Sheep should be in very good condition, having received plenty of supplementary feeding. Ideally, they should also have been shorn early in the year: usually around January for show sheep, and by early May for sale sheep: this allows for plenty of wool growth prior to the show or sale. 

Ideally, sheep should be trimmed, but if you are not confident in this, then the basic minimum is that their feet should be trimmed short, so they stand and walk well, they should be clean, and their faces should be washed. Show sheep should be halter-trained so that they walk and stand well. More details about what it takes to create show sheep can be found here. If anyone else has any tips about preparing show sheep, or different ways of doing it, please contact us and we will share them here. 

Please note that all sheep entered at Society sales WILL be inspected, and any that are not up to the high standards we expect WILL be rejected. If you are not sure whether your sheep is good enough to enter the sales, please ask a more experienced breeder for advice. If you do not know who to ask for advice, please contact us and we will do our best to help. 

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