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Kerry Hill Sheep in Europe
The Netherlands
Kerry Hill sheep are well-established in Europe, and there are numerous flocks and an active Breed Society in the Netherlands. For further information, please click here.
Kerry Hill sheep have also recently been imported into Denmark, and a Breed Society now exists there too. For further information, please click here.
Kerry Hill Sheep in the USA
There is currently a breeding programme to establish Kerry Hill Sheep in the USA.
Latest details (June 2010)
The breeding-up project is still going along to bring Kerry Hill’s into the US. In short we started with the purchase of Kerry Hill semen from John Terry and our own 4 lovely cheviots in 2005/2006.
  • Fall 2006: I found a vet that could perform the lap AI, and the first year (Mar 2007) we had twin boys (from Oak tree Teddy).
  • Fall 2007: The next year we AI’d and ended up with 3 ewe lambs (from Oak tree Charles).
  • Fall 2008: We couldn’t AI, and the vet was busy, so we covered all the ewes with the Teddy Ram (we call him Jacob). From the Cheviot and 50% KH lambs we received 2 more 50% ewes (½ teddy sire, ½ Charles dam).
  • Last Fall (2009) we AI’d the three 50% Charles daughters, again with Charles semen (there was an ARQ question) and we had one Ram Lamb and one ewe lamb.
So the flock as it sits now has 2x 50% Rams, 5x 50% ewes, 1x 75% ewe lamb and 1x 75% ram lamb. 
The picture to the left is ‘Prince’, our 75% ram lamb (Cheviot ewe, line bred to Charles).
In this picture is his mother, 50% ‘Bella’ (the kids named them, honest). You can see the darkening of the markings as you go, from a light ‘sooty’ look to the darker black.
Next fall all the girls will be covered with Teddy, and then there will be a different grand sire and grand dam for 75% crop the year after. (75% Charles, 75% Teddy). I also have a blog going ( if you’re online, you are welcome to comment.
Many thanks for Rick Farnsworth for this update
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